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Cell Phone Plans Explained

Cell Phone Plans Explained

Cell phones used to be considered a luxury. These days, however, everyone is on the go and cell phones have become a necessity for both business and pleasure.

People of all ages, all over the world, own and use cell phones. Many people have opted for cell phones instead of using traditional home phones, while others use both kinds of services. According to the Cellular Industry Association (CTIA), the number of American cell phone owners rose to 13.7% in 2004. In other words, that is approximately 180 million people, or about 60% of the country’s population. That was 2004, so you can imagine how those numbers have increased in the last two years. The CTIA also reported that cell phone users across the USA talked on their phones for more than one trillion collective minutes in 2004, and that number increases by one-third each year.

Of course, these facts are reflected in the basic marketing practice of supply and demand. With these ever-increasing numbers, there is also an ongoing rise in the amount of phones, accessories and cell phone plans available. So now, it’s easier than ever before to find the perfect cell phone.

When buying a new cell phone, don’t base your decision solely on the television advertisements or the best-looking phones. You need to compare the services offered by a variety of cell phone plans in order to find the one that’s best for you. The first step to choosing the right cell phone is to do your homework. Research and compare the services offered by all of the cell phone providers. Make sure that the phones you’re interested in will offer uninterrupted reception in your area. Don’t be deceived by marketing tactics, or by the comments of your friends.

The differences between cellular service providers aren’t as vast as they used to be. Most offer similar equipment and services, but there are subtle variances. Check out each provider’s coverage maps, and focus only on locations where you’ll be making and receiving a lot of cell phone calls. If you do choose a cell phone and later realize that the cellular service has a dead spot right in your driveway, you have the option of canceling the contract and returning the cell phone without penalty within 30 days. This option applies whether you purchase from an authorized dealer, or directly from the cell phone carrier.

When you commit to a one or two-year cell phone plans, the provider will usually subsidize the cost of the phone. Be careful though; even with the subsidized cost, you can still pay more than the up-front value over the extended period of the plan. That’s why it’s important to shop around and find the best plan that suits your needs. You will find a huge variety of plans to choose from, so you shouldn’t feel limited in your selection of phones. Do remember to consider the total cost of the cell phone, plus the full-term cost of the cell phone plan, when evaluating a deal.

When you begin shopping for a cell phone, you’ll find literally hundreds of features to choose from. For this reason, finding the perfect cell phone can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Narrow your requirements down to three main functions you’re looking for, and then you can begin putting together a short list of possible cell phone plans.

Camera phones are one of the most popular types of cell phones on today’s market, as they combine the practicality of mobile communications with the fun and function of a digital camera. Smartphones can be great choices for people who require frequent access to their email, calendar, and other mobile applications while they are away from the office. Some people swear by the flip phone design, while others prefer a traditional bar-style phone. Travelers prefer multiband GSM technology that allow them to stay in touch from virtually anywhere in the world.

Determine your needs, and then find the phone to meet them. If you have a combination of criteria, you’re bound to find a phone and cell phone plan that can satisfy all of them.

Whether you need a cell phone for business or for pleasure, a world of cell phone plans is available to you.